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i guess my initial post was long/ rambling, and not very focuses...

essentially I was wondering what various "extra" jobs would cost at the body shop.

at this point, I'm likely going to get some spots painted - what I get charged will depend. the stuff that is next to/close to areas they are already painting mgith get done for free. other stuff that is totally unrelated / not capable of being "buried" into the insurance claim will be out of my pocket - but they are being pretty good with prices. for example, I have a nice set of scratches on the side mirror. theformer owner backed out and ran into somethign that was sticking out and put nice deep scrathes into the top of the mirror... way too deep for touch up paint. it needs a new spray job. guy said they would pull it off, spray it, and only charge me $50.

they said they will repaint the lower vents in my bumper cover for free or super cheap. I told the guy that I knew i could buy them brand new from Porsche / Sunseet / Pelican for about $30 each. he said it would be less than $60 to have them paint again..we're taling small dollars to paint the stuff I want.

it all has worked out for the best really. getting hit has turned out to work to my advantage as my car will look a lot better after it's repaired than it did before.

I have to talk to them about my center console.

any of you venture a guess as to what htey would charge me to paint it? i am going to pull it out for them, and I will reinstall it.. so all they will have to do is prime/paint/clear it.

bumper plugs wants $400 for one. what do you think it would cost to have a shop paint that piece assuming there is NO removal/install labor - just the cost to paint it??? i think having my center console in ocean blue would look great! the rest of my interior is black.

i don't like the interiors that have tons and tons of paiting...but JUST a center me, looks nice. subtle yet classy.
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