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I read your post, however, I am not sure just exactly what it is that your asking for in terms of feed-back ? Based on your "wish list" of things that you want to have repaired on your boxster, it seems like a relatively small project. I am sure that in the hands of a skilled repair shop, they can restore your vehicle to exacting standards. As far as what the insurance company is willing to cover, that is anyone's guess. Unfortunately, insurance companies are always trying to mitigate their losses when it comes to paying out a claim. All one can say is, "stand your ground". Also, as far as out of pocket expenses are concerned, if there are things that you want to have repaired that are above and beyond the initial claim, expect to pay a premium. Needless to say, autobody work is very labor intensive, and highly regarded facilities pride themselves in their work.

p.s. The silver front bumper grills in question, are in fact the original color from the factory.
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