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no one ever replied to my thread, but many looked..... if anyone cares...I had my estimate done. .. total repair bill is right under $3000. shop said my bumper cover is okay, but it does need to be removed and repainted, just not replaced.

so all my other thoughts/inquiries about upgrading to a GT3 bumper are bumper is not being replaced. it only had scuffs/scrapes (minor ones), no cracks. I do get a totally new front left fender. they WILL have to repaint the bumper and blend into the hood..they agreed to do the additional painting up onto the entire hood if I just pay the extra/difference, which should be minimal.

the shop quoted me various prices for several small spots where I have superficial damage..all were very reasonable.

the only "job" I asked about which I got a "big" $$ figure on was the rollbar. He guesstimated the job wa about a $700 - that includes removing the rollbar, painting, and all the reassembly. he said most of that cost is getting the roll bar our/in. I suspected it might be that job is not going to happen.

the upside to this whol emess is when I get my car back, and the detailign is done it's going to look 10x better than before it was there will be a happy ending to this story...

I forgot to ask him about painting my wheels. two of my wheels look perfectly fine...hairline scratches here/there but nothing major. one wheel has a nice chunk missing near the lip and ONE is really scuffed up... I'd like to get one or two repainted.. not sure what they wold charge to do that and how hard it is to get them to match the other two if I do not paint them all....
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