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the headers are not low. The whole car is low. For instance....If I back out my driveway and carelessly back off the pavement. The rear tires will drop off about 1-2 inches in the grass and the cat converters on my MAXSPEED headers will knock the ground.

Or if i am going up an incline from a lower pavement to a higher road. The front tires will clear, but then the oil pan and the headers/ cats/ secondary pipes will high center before the rear tires lift it up.

With the HR springs and factory M030 setup, I have less than 5 inches of clearence MAX- anywhere under the car. My factory porsche jack or my standard floor jack will not even come close to fitting under the car.


I recently destroyed my plastic front underside skid plate after i hit a rabbit at @ 110.

The rabbit was on the side of the road, I saw him, He saw me and his life was obviously in turmoil because when I was about 10 feet away, He ran into the road and looked at me while I hit him on the center right of the bumper.
2002 S
Pedro rear stabilizer bar, CF strut braces, Maxspeed headers with 100 cell cats, Fabspeed cat bypass pipes, H&R springs with M030 setup, TRG rear links, EVO air intake, B&M Short shift kit, Raby IMS upgrade, Raby underdrive pulley

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