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Originally Posted by Johnny Danger
I would be hard pressed to believe that IPD's $900.00 gizmo is any more effect than Pedro's TT 2. And for those of us who watched in earnest as Jaay tested that product, the end result left most of us skeptical as to the validity of any after market plenum. In all due respect to Pedro, I believe that he is sincere in his efforts to discover performance upgrades that are feasible for us all. However, in many cases I feel that a vast majority of products out there are nothing more than a case of the "Emperor's New Clothes".
I just stumbled across the TT and TT2 today. I watched the video. At the end I though, "Hmm. That all looks great except for one thing: Air is not being pushed into that T. It's being sucked. So the theory that the air is going to go into the T and hit the back wall, creating turbulence isn't valid. The air is being sucked into each side of the T, so the mod is unnecessary."

On either (Pedro's or this IPD thing) of them, I'd like to see dyno numbers.
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