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The best performance modification that I have made to my Boxster-S to date!

I was researching the web and read the write up on Pedro’s garage about his Techno Torque2. I recall another article that I read earlier this year in one of the European Automobile magazines about the Cayman-S with IPD plenum and sport exhaust upgrade. So after Googling a bit more I found several IPD plenum kits for the 911’s, Boxster (3.4L), and Caymans but not for Boxster 3.2L. So I found the phone number for Mike at IPD, he is the designer/developer and had a good conversation about his 3.2L solution. He eMailed me back with his new 3.2L setup that he recently developed for a customer in England for his 2001 Boxster-S.

This setup includes an upgraded throttle body from 75mm to 80mm and a 3.4L Cayman-S IPD plenum with huge silicon hoses to replace the restricted factory intake hose. I believe it is all about the science of air flow, the bigger throttle body and the large silicon hoses get more air in and then through a larger plenum with Mike’s patented design to get the air flow distributed evenly and quicker to each bank. The result is lots of torque, and you can feel it more than any other modification that you may have made to your car (of course except for putting turbo or super charger kit).

Here are my existing modifications before IPD upgrade:
  • EVO cold air intake
  • Competition headers (not cats)
  • By pass pipes
  • FVD Sport Muffler (the best damn muffler in the market, I had them all before this one; best performance and sound)
  • ECU upgrade
  • PSS9 shocks
The installation was very easy and you can do it within one hour and it is all plug and play. After the install, the first thing you notice that the car will not struggle to rev up from 4000 to 7000 RPM and the power comes fast and it keeps going faster. Before the IPD upgrade, above 4800 RPM, I felt the car was running out of breath. Now it does not. Also, there is more torque than before, you notice this when you shift the gears and the rear of the car deeps more even with my PSS9 suspension. The last piece which was icing on the cake is the improved fuel economy. I am getting 2+ mpg more on the highway with the IPD setup than before. I measure my mpg regularly on the highway. I am planning to dyno the car next week and will post the results.

I have some great pictures for you to see the difference between standard equipment and the IPD setup for 3.2L. If you are interested let me know and I hook you up with Mike at IPD. I am not sure if he has the 3.2L kit distributed to his dealer network yet. There are several distributors that sell IPD gear. You can contact me at
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