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Originally Posted by Perfectlap
chains sound like a good thing to keep in the trunk when the Pirelli SnowSports are on the car. The other night we had a bad snowstorm. Walked into the nearby mall for an hour. parked the car,Came back and the car was under at least a foot of snow. On the drive home I had it in first thinking more rpms meant better bite, less rmps more sliding. I had the RPMs at about 3K to 4K going about 20mph.
Then we started going downhill and everyone in front gets on the brakes. I moved to 2nd gear and start having to go around other cars..the rpms drop to barely 2K but now I'm going nearly 30 mph and the 18 wheelers and AWD SUV's are blowing past. Dicey... The car got sideways jusssst slightly at one point as I tried to move the right lane. Without the snowports I'd a been in deep ****************. All season tires are absolutely useless in any kind of snow.
You actually want to keep the RPMs low, not high and keep the trans one gear higher than normal. If you are spinning your tires starting from a stop you can start off in second gear to reduce spinning for better grip. Keep your RPMs low for better grip. If your engine is revving high any little slip of your throttle foot will send your car sliding sideways. If you're going down hill keep it in a low gear to control your speed but keep your foot off the throttle and brake pedal. Braking during descent will make you slide too. Keep plenty of space in front between the car in front. If you begin to slide Let go of brake and throttle and control your slide with the wheel. If you're going to use the car during winter invest in a set of Blizzaks. They might be pricey but well worth it. Our roads are covered in snow for 7 to 8 months out of the year so we get plenty of practice.
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