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Red face Re: Post Reply button question

OK, never mind, I figured it out now. You jut select quote and it does the same thing. You can disregard my question then.

Originally posted by mjbliemel
How come there is just a 'post reply' button at the top and bottom of a thread?

Most forums (well the few I visit) have a 'post reply' button on each post. I find this to be a good feature.

If Joe Blow from Tucson posts something, I want to be able to post a reply that shows I am posting a reply to his post. You know what I mean? In other words, once I have posted a reply to Joe Blow, the new post I made should show that it is in reply to JB.

Go over to the forums and you will see what I mean. Ah, better yet, I can attach an image here.

EDIT: OK, not sure how you attach an image here, kind of funky. But, if you look at the second post in that screenshot (my post), notice the (re: MikeS) next to the title of the post. That is what I am talking about, it shows that I am replying to a particular poster in the forum. That would be nice to see here.
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