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Sorry to hear about your incident and I'm glad you're ok. You, unfortunately, found out why all the tire makers put out that warning out about not driving summer tires in near freezing weather. They get hard and slippery when the temps drop and, as you unfortunately found out, will break lose pretty quickly. (Go take a look at Tire Rack. IIRC almost all the summer tires have the warning that they're not intended to be driven in freezing or near freezing weather). I had mine on the road the first winter I owned it with summer tires still on it. The weather turned cold and it was just downright scary. I immediately bought a set of used wheels and new winter tires (Dunlop somethings.. I forget which ones at the moment) to avoid having to mount/dismount, balance, etc every spring and fall. The thing goes like a goat now! It's great in the snow.

I hope you're able to get everything put back together properly, and soon. Then go out and get some wheels and tires and drive it!!!

Damm I hate winter. 4-6" of that white stuff predicted for tonight. ugh .

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