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Originally Posted by JonnyBGood
Okay guys. I finally found some time to test the clutch switch. I made a little bypass wire and plugged the 2 wires that go to the clutch switch into eachother. The car starts every time now. It's definitely the clutch switch.

I took the clutch switch off (part number PA6-GF30 991129) and tested it on my multi-meter. When the switch is pressed all the way down, the resistance is about 100ohms and goes down to 0ohms in about 5 seconds. If I press it down slightly (after the click) the meter reads about 30ohms and slowly goes down to 0ohms.

This seems like a bad switch to me, and someone said that it can be cleaned. I can't seem to open up the switch. Anyone know how I should open the switch so that I can clean it up on the inside? Does anyone know where I could just buy a new switch?

Thanks for everyone's help.

If I can find the one I took out of my car Ill send it to you...Don't hold your breath because I think I threw it away but if not you can have it. Or just leave the wries jumpered and dont worry about it. You can also ground the wire back in the trunk and make it a little cleaner.

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