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Culprit found

Okay guys. I finally found some time to test the clutch switch. I made a little bypass wire and plugged the 2 wires that go to the clutch switch into eachother. The car starts every time now. It's definitely the clutch switch.

I took the clutch switch off (part number PA6-GF30 991129) and tested it on my multi-meter. When the switch is pressed all the way down, the resistance is about 100ohms and goes down to 0ohms in about 5 seconds. If I press it down slightly (after the click) the meter reads about 30ohms and slowly goes down to 0ohms.

This seems like a bad switch to me, and someone said that it can be cleaned. I can't seem to open up the switch. Anyone know how I should open the switch so that I can clean it up on the inside? Does anyone know where I could just buy a new switch?

Thanks for everyone's help.
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