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Originally Posted by Bladecutter
When you turn the ignition key to the start position, are you hearing any action at all from the engine bay behind you (clicking, cranking, nothing at all)?

If you are hearing nothing at all, try removing the clutch safety switch, and cleaning it, or jumpering the switch connection wires and see if you can then start the car with the shifter in neutral.

If the car starts with the wiring jumpered, then the switch is your culprit.
I think I remember someone saying once upon a time that the switch can be taken apart and cleaned. Or maybe that's just the brake switch.

WHen I put it into the start position, all the lights on the dash go off and I hear nothing. (I think all the lights normally go off until the car starts anyway). I may have to try jumpering the switch and see if that starts it up everytime.

Does anyone have the part number for the clutch switch?
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