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This is straight out of the porsche website:

"To protect the car against break-in or theft, the new Boxster’s have an advanced and intelligent alarm system. An exterior monitoring function and radar-based interior surveillance are standard. The radar is permanently enabled unless the roof is lowered. The alarm is set whenever the doors are locked using the standard key remote. The standard system also uses an electronic immobilizer to protect the car from theft.
The system is simple: when you remove the key from the ignition the immobilizer is automatically set. When the key is reinserted, the immobilizer is disabled. Lose your key? It can be cancelled like a credit card so that no one else can use it. To ensure easy access to the cockpit in the event of an accident, all locks are automatically released if any of the airbags are deployed."

It's not very detailed...but at least it has something.
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