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Need help, intermittent starting problem

Eventually, I'll get it to start.Guys, I need some advice. In the last 4-5 months, my 2000 Boxster has had this intermittent starting problem. I'd put the key in, turn it to try to start it, nothing happens. The lights on the dash all come on, the radio comes on. I'll turn the key to the off position, then try to turn the key again and it may start or not. This has been happening more and more lately.

I changed out the battery that was 4 years old thinking it could be a battery problem. No dice. Still happens. I just replaced the ignition today thinking that this would fix the problem. No dice. Same exact thing happens (or rather doesn't happen).

The only other "easy" thing I can think of is the clutch switch (anyone have the switch part number?) so I may try that next, but I was hoping that the experts on this board could help with what may be happening. Any idea guys? I'm almost out of ideas to try to fix this.

The only symptom is that the car won't start. It won't even try to start. It's not like the starter tries to start but can't turn the car over. It simply does nothing.

Thanks in advance
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