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Thankyou for the heads up and being honest about the shift effort. I know the word "slight" means different things to different people but I feel alittle mislead. In the end though that is my fault because talking about something over the net and experiening it in person is not the same and people are subjective. Sure the throws are shorter but I feel the much smoother feel of the OEM far outweighs that benefit of a shorter shift. I know not all short shifters have to be this tough to shift but it appears so with the boxster. I just got off the phone with the dealer and it looks like you can't just buy the OEM plastic bushings so they say. It looks like I may have to buy the whole shifter assembly plus the bracket that it lays in which bolts into to the floor of the car. They quoted me a price of $179.00 for the whole assembly which seems quite reasonable for Porsche parts. I guess the price is the silver lining on this cloud(if it is correct). I'm going to check a few other places just to make sure the price is right and I have no other alternative. What do you think Richard, does this seem right to you?
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