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Thankyou Charles I appreciate the help. I actually did mark the cables with a permanant marker as the instructions said so that can't be it I guess. I'm thinking I'm just in the 5% that doesn't like the feel of the shift(the effort is just too labored and notchy/tight). My friend has a SSK in his 02 Altima and it is much much smother and even shorter yet(they are worlds apart so I know I'm not just a wimp or really picky). I just can't believe it is this bad. I'm going to try mess around with the adjustments tonight and if it doesn't get a whole lot better I'm going to see if I can throw my OEM shifter into the B&M bushings and get the stock feel back and just chalk it up to a $200 lesson. Lux, I don't know why you think I can't do this, but maybe I will have the answer to that in an hour or two.
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