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Hello Adam,

I think I know what the problem may be. In the B&M Instructions I do not believe that they mention to mark, using white out, the position of the of the 2 cable holders in conjunction to the shift cables to assure that when reassembling the assembly you maintain the already adjusted position. This position was done from the factory and if this adjustment changes, which is easy to do when installing the SSK, you can get a real crummy shift.

The Schnell SSK instructions do point this out. Although my opinion about the Schnell SSK is biased, as I am the sales manager of ****************************************.com authorized distributor of the Schnell product, I can say that the B&M SSK should not have a bad shift feeling, even though the Schnell is, by far, a better product

If you have any questions on adjusting your shifter you can always call our tech guys for assistance.

Hope this helps.

Vertex Automotive
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