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Eslai, yeah the instructions were vague at best on step #2. It did not say anything about some shifters having a friction fit. It said I needed use a 5mm allen wrench and also maybe unscrew a set screw so I was alittle mad after tearing my shifter knob apart only to find nothing.

I marked the shifter cables with permanant marker so I would retain the factory settings(is it possible for the shifter to be this bad if the shift cables are maybe 1mm off in either way because that is possble I suppose because the threads they lock into are pretty small. It has to be very very close to where it was before because I have the marks lined up right. Maybe it is just me but the way the cable locks into platic threads looks pretty weak to me but I guess it's sufficient. The instructions said (as far as I can tell? that the said the jam nut/setscrew affects the side to side play and the centering of the shifter(perhaps it affects moving up and down into gear but I don't see how?) The shifter is smooth when moving it from side to side when in neutral and it centers itself fine. Perhaps the jam nut or set screw is too tight and making the shift effort too hard? Right now I have it set with no up and down play but it isn't tightened down hard either. Do I want some "play" in the assmebly? I did use grease on the ball and the bushings but one thing that was funny was that the OEM ball on the side of the shifter had a plastic retainer....but the B&M ball seemed too large and the instructions didn't mention it so I left the snap on retainer off the B&M ball that stabilizes the shifter. Is this not right? Other than the jam nut/setscrew or the snap on ball thingy I'm out of answers because I'm almost certain I have the cables aligned right. You said I cant reuse my stock shifter?? At the very least can't I install the OEM shifter into the B&M bushings??? I certainly hope so or I'm really not going to be happy because right now I just want my old shifter back!

P.S. TOOL PANTS please help! What is your take on the B&M?
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