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There's one of two answers here. One is you f'd up the installation. The 2nd is you're the 5% that hate the B&M. I'm going to assume the former and not the latter.

Some things to check:
1. Did you mess with/adjust the shifter cables (you shouldn't)? If you did, you're going to need a Porsche "centering" tool (plastic part that centers the shifter so you can adjust the cables).
2. Did you back off the jam nut 1/4 turn after adjusting it for the correct amount of play in the aluminum bushings?
3. Did you lubricate the ball joint and bushings?

The shifter will require a little more effort (nowhere near 3x you described). Hell, it takes more effort to turn the steering wheel. The shifter should be a little notchy but still smooth...and of course a lot shorter travel.

Obviously this is all relative. As you can guess, I love the B&M shifter. To me, the stock shifter has the precision of stirring a screwdriver in a bowl of pasta.

Tool Pants has put in hundreds of these things. Maybe he can give you a better diagnosis.

By the way, money back guarantee doesn't really mean much since you have to buy the entire shifter assembly to go back to stock. Porsche does not sell just the bushings (as far as I know). If you really want to go back to stock, look for someone that wants to trade for your B&M. But I would advise you to give it another shot.


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