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Hey dionnec123,

I'm sure the others will chime in but you certainly picked a challenging color to keep looking good. I've got 2 black cars so I'm also a glutton. Several of us use the P21S body wash and wheel cleaners. There's 2 flavors of the the wheel cleaner - gel and spray. Gel is only for very dirty wheels. I think the main thing to do with wheels is to pull them from the car and clean them very well (with get if necessary). Then wax them. This will make them much easier to keep clen in the future. Weve tried a lot of waxes in this group. Depending on the condition of the surface you might want to clay the car. Then use a a paintwork cleansing lotion/polish like Pinnacle, Griots or P21S. Follow this up with a quality wax like Pinnacle Souveran, Collanite or Blitz. Charlie used the Klasse products on a black car during our detailing meet and it was spectacular as you can see from the pictures.

A lot of these products can be had here:

Hope you can join us for some drives!

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