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Nope, Iím not kidding---are you?? 1) The chocks I use are also of 4x4 material (cut at 45 degree diagonals, to fit nicely under the front and back of one of the front tires) and have sawn faces (read: rough); they DONíT slip, AT ALL (I highly doubt theyíd slip even if wet); 2) while the front tires are still on the upward slope, the ramps are on level driveway; they DONíT slip, AT ALL either; 3) as stated earlier: so the oil drains properly, once backed onto the ramps, the car is level: even unchocked, it has NO tendency to roll in EITHER direction. Add to that the chunks of 4x4 at the high ends of the ramps (against which the rear aspect of the rear tires rest), plus the two heavy wooden chocks. Toss in the fact (not previously mentioned) that the hand brake is on and the carís in either 1st or reverse, and I guarantee you that car ainít going anywhere.

(AND, I have no worries about a jack seal blowing. )

Set up as described, I DEFY you to push this car off the ramp. I feel as safe changing my oil with this set up as I do sitting in front of my TV in my bathrobe watchin' Monday Night Football.
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