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You're kiddin right? Not only is gravity gonna want to make the front tires roll but it will also act on he ramp to try and push it back as the tires want to roll. I have seen the seals on jacks blow while the car is up, jack stands slip and cars roll because a chock slipped. I have seen many of the new plastic chocks slip especially when cold. I hope you are extra, extra careful if you are gonna keep doing it this way.

The way you are describing is NOT as safe as the other ways.

Originally Posted by Frodo
Yeah, but just think about it for a sec. I back the car onto ramps while the front end is uphill from the rear end. BUT, once I'm on the ramps, the car is level. Soooo, even unchocked, it's really not inclined to go anywhere. Then, I go ahead and double chock it anyway.

Believe me, I've never "risked my life to save 15 minutes on an oil change".

The way I've described is as safe as any I've read about, other than (arguably) using a lift.

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