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Originally Posted by der Geist
Personally, I think you gotta be crazy to get under a car that is on a slope. Level with wheels blocked is the only safe way to go. I would suggest Lil' Bastards method or a jack and good stands. I use ramps and jackstands myself. I can't see risking my life to save 15 minutes on an oil change.

Just my opinion.
Yeah, but just think about it for a sec. I back the car onto ramps while the front end is uphill from the rear end. BUT, once I'm on the ramps, the car is level. Soooo, even unchocked, it's really not inclined to go anywhere. Then, I go ahead and double chock it anyway.

Believe me, I've never "risked my life to save 15 minutes on an oil change".

The way I've described is as safe as any I've read about, other than (arguably) using a lift.

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