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Originally Posted by rangersplash
Well. I bought a 99 boxster with 80k on it. Put a few thousand on it and now I wanna change the oil. I haven't even looked under there yet to see how hard this is. Am I better off jacking it up myself and draining and replacing the filter or taking it all to a shop and paying them to drain it?

Just curious how hard this is.

Thanks much!


Most experts on here say avoid mobil.

We have a monroe muffler chain store that let me give them $10 to use their lift on my Mercury mountaineer, it was well worth the money. But I did my own oil change on my box. The only thing you need to really get (besides filter, 10quart oil drain thingy and oil) is to get a round oil wrench socket that fits on the bottom. It was only $7 ish at autozone. It is very easy to do your own oil. Do a search on here as this topic has been beaten to death.

I do suggest, my own opinion, getting a new crush ring for oil plug and put Castro Sytnech 10 or 5 W 40. Also I have heard napa gold filters are highly suggested. You need xx W "40", do not use "30". If you live in a cold climate get 10 if you live in a warmer area get "5".
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