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It's pretty easy, though may be a little messy your first time. As they say, the oil really comes shooting out initially---be ready for that. I still spread newspaper under the catch pan and, these days, I typically don't get a drop on the driveway.

These will get you started:
1st oil change question

I didn't make a specialized oil catch arrangement like Pedro talks about (too much work ). I suppose it might be helpful, but I do fine without it.

Then there's the ramp vs jacking questions. I use the former, largely because they're easy and I already had made some out of 2x8s I had laying around. (I did that years ago, when I was only using them for a Toyota. These days I'd use 2x10s.) Here's a thread with a pic of what I use:

Since that pic, I have added bigger blocks of wood at the high end to prevent driving too far on (and off the end of) the ramp. I added them after the last time I used them, got in a hurry, and nearly did exactly that---would have been a bit of a disaster. The little strips that I used to depend on to prevent that were only 3/4" tall---you hardly feel them. The blocks on there now are about 2 1/2" tall---it would be pretty tough to drive over them.

As is suggested in the above links, you really want the Boxster level for draining the oil. I (and others) accomplish that by driving up my sloped driveway and then backing onto the ramps. Works great.
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