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Originally Posted by gschotland
Looks like a pretty good, inexpensive solution (with your existing grills) if you're going with 4" coaxials.

Based on the design of the grill, it looks like a separate mid & tweeter should work, but I believe there's a structural member in the way where the tweeter would go that makes this very difficult if not impossible.

Holy smokes dude thanks for the link!

We'll from what I remember the mid range and optional hifi midrange/tweeter set up are the same. I even think the midrange is exactly the same,so this would be a very clean efficient way to swap out the midrange but I would still have the factory tweeter which is the most annoying part of the OEM gear in my opinion. I love super sharp treble where I can hear crisp cymbals. The fit between the midrange and tweeter on the hifi set up is super close and tight,but as long as you trim the bracket properly looks like there is still enough space for the tweeter set up.

What's the best sharp sounding 4" midrange I can buy thats not going to destroy my wallet. I don't want an orchestra from my car just stuff that's not going to get choppy when i crank the stereo past +20. I've always liked MB Quart gear.

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