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I've driven all the 996 except for the GT's. And I've autocrossed in many of the 996 and driven them pretty hard at 4 a.m. on a Sunday morning in lower Manhattan type of setting.

The Boxster and Cayman are still in my book the best handling Porsches ever built. Period. I would even say its in the top three of any sports car of the last 30 years at under $100K. My goal is a Cayman S on R comps with Motons with GT3 Seats and ceramic brakes. SICK!!!

Now the 996's are all very different. but all sort of similar in some respects.
If you've gotten used to that mid engine precision its a whole other can of worms when you're going to the rear engine set up. A pendulus car is a whole different experience that I personally don't care for. I once started a poll on another Porsche forum and asked "if you could buy a mid engine Carrera instead of a rear engine Carrera would you?".
Well in the racing forum where most had the GT Carreras 3/4's said they would ditch the rear egine. In the regular Carrera forum where most never partake in an autocross or track event 3/4's said they would stick with rear engine. That was telling.

The heavier the Carrera gets the more it feels like a boat. The faster you go into a corner the more you feel that understeer that wants to pull you off the road. The C2 has this the least, the C4S had it the worst and that was a tin top, I'm sure the bath tub version is like a wet noodle that had too much too eat. The Turbo is pretty bad too and you've got the AWD to deal with on top of that. I've have to do some serious re-tooling of the suspension to get it to feel as nimble as I'm used to.

But hey they look great.
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