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My Rear Speaker Upgrade Solution

I thought I would start a new thread as the other one got long and occasionally off topic.

My set up so far:
Head unit- JVC KD-HDR50 (Bestbuy $159.00)
Front speakers- Infinity Kappa 4" (Amazon $cheap)
Door- Left Stock (for now)
Rear- Infinity 3 1/2" reference (Bestbuy $59.00)
Amp- Stock for now (actually sounds nice

Fronts intall was pretty easy, I just had to use a rotozip and cut out some plastic from the stock housing and the Kappa's fit perfectly.

If you followed the other thread, you know it took awhile to figure out what to do with the rear speakers. I had some Infinity kappas plate speakers just sitting in my storage area in the back, but couldn't get wild on the twisties cause they would end up damaged.
Solution: 3 1/2" Infinity ref from BB. I used the stock brakets that the original speakers came in and cut the hole a little bigger. The original bracket had two speakers on each side, but still sounded like crap. Hint if you do this, the speakers were not marked as pos or neg, and the directions were no help. The fat post on the speaker =pos and the skinny post = neg. Make sure to mark your wires when you take them off of the stock speakers. Second hint. try to just pull existing metal connectors off of stock speaker to use on new speaker. I had to crimp them as they were of a different size.

Sound quality= Not the exact sound reproduction I would have loved to have or that I am use to in my home Marantz/Klipsch, but it sure sounds a whole lot better than stock!!
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