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Like TMM986 I've got an '03 C4S and '00 Boxster S. Both have their virtues. Last Saturday night I took three Chinese chicks in the C4S to go clubbing. They were tiny and two fit in the back fine. I guess with the Box you'd have to limit yourself to just one gorgeous woman rather than three. The power of the C4S is certainly nice too, but unfortunately how often do you really get to use it? When it comes to looks, I like my Box, but they're pretty common too and even with my extensive mods the Box doesn't draw tons of attention. There is no question which one people find more attractive - it's the C4S. I have people absolutely gush over the 911. A couple weekends ago I had one girl so crazy about it she was almost humping it! She wasn't satisfied until after I took her for a ride, and I swear my passenger seat was quite moist afterward. Not a big deal to me as I like a car for what it is, not what it does to other people, but the attention the C4S gets sometimes can be quite pleasing to me.

As for handling.... well the C4S is a pig, almost 400 lbs heavier than the Box. Both of my cars have coilovers, but the Box setup is a little more hardcore race-style and it shows. The Box is amazing in the corners and can outperform my C4S any day.

As for brakes, the Box S is amazing. The Turbo brakes on the C4S though will stop the rotation of the earth. Either is 100% better than any other production car, but in comparison the C4S does stop quicker (much wider tires really help too).

In the end, would I give up the Box to buy a 911? Well my choice was just to buy both! But if I had to chose I'd take my C4S over the Box simply from a pure sex appeal standpoint. Although the Box does corner better it's still an issue of really getting to use that feature on a day to day basis.

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