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I didn't make a switch, just decided that both can fit in my garage. ;-)

The Boxster is an easier car handling-wise and is more "chuckable" through turns. Its suspension is more forgiving so you can drive it harder without Walter Rohrl level skills. It feels lighter on the road than my 911 and loves to rev (1998 with 2.5L engine.)

The 911 I have is a C4S which is very different from the Boxster. It feels heavy but very planted on the road. In tight turns you definitely feel the weight in the rear and need to be more mindful of that balance when driving harder. I think the all-wheel drive on the 4S helps with oversteer a bit but the back will step out easier on any 911 vs. the Boxster. It does have great handling as well, just have to think about it a little when approaching a curve.

The Boxster is more comfortable on a bumpy road at lower speeds but the 911 has a nicer cabin and the suspension soaks up the road better at speed for long distance cruising. Either works as a daily driver but the 4S gets driven in the snow with winter tires where I live.

Hopefully that helps a little.
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