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Originally Posted by tnb121562
1997 Boxster, the indicator light on the door lock swith sometimes comes on even when doors locked and stays on when you unlock the doors, is there a sensor attached to the door lock mechanisims? Also, when this happen the auto window level adjustment when the top is up doesn't work, the windows do not move down the 1/4 to 1/2 inch until the doors are shut and then close tight. This is not a new problem with this car, I bought it about two weeks ago with 29k, but there are rub marks on the top if the window and the plastic molding on the top where the window hits when the door is shut. Is this a common problema and is anyone aware of which sensor needs to be replaced?

Thanks Tom
When the doors are locked, the red light should be on.
There is a microswitch in each of the door's latches that tells the window mechanism of that particular door that it is about to open and should lower the glass 1/4".
If the microswitch is faulty, then the glass won't move.
Also, there's another 2 microswitches where the top latches to the car. If these microswitches are bad or out of adjustment the windows won't act properly either.
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