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Originally Posted by mcrg00
Hello. I have a 2000 Boxster, which is in great shape and runs like a top. The one thing that drives me nuts from time to time is that when I hit a bump, there is a sound that comes from the convertible top on the driver's side. It sounds like a high school class ring hitting the passenger window. I have tried to determine the exact location of the sound, without luck. The top is in good shape and the frame is, too. Any ideas? Thx.
The cracking sound from the top generally comes from the two pieces that make the center bow.
When they expand and move against each other you can hear the cracking sound, also when you push up on the bow from inside the car.
The way I've cured it is by spraying a silicone lubricant between the parts.
This will generally cure it for one or two seasons and then it comes back as the silicone dries.
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