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OK, here is what I have:
I turn on the ignition key. Oil measurement runs through its paces and indicates oil level is full. Then an engine symbol and "Failure Indicator" replaces the oil level measurement information with an "OK" box below. I pull forward on lower left steering column stick and this clears the message and returns to show odometer and outside temperature. I start the engine. The check engine light in the lower left of the dash stays on, the tachometer is dead, and both coolant temperature and fuel red warning lights are on. Engine idles fine and sounds good. Goes from fast idle to normal idle after a minute or so. Everything appears normal except as noted above.

I got my OBD2 reader today. Its an Innova 3130. It successfully communicated with the on board computer and reports "No DTC's are presently stored in the vehicle's compuer."

This is my daily driver at 93 miles round trip to work but did not want to risk driving that distance daily without understanding the severity of the problem. I live 100 miles from the nearest available Porsche service. If it is safe to drive there I will do that when I can. If it is something that can be fixed locally I would prefer that but not at the risk of the repair being beyond the local shop's ability to fix.
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