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jmatta - you are right. You can't change the laws of physics....

2200 lbs vs 3000+ lbs - regadless how much power you put down, or how much AWD trickery you have going - you can't change the fact that something is HEAVY.

Before buying my boxster, I used to have a 2004 Volvo S60R - modified. It was no 911 turbo, but with my engine/suspension mods, I had ZERO problems keeping up with E46 M3s at track events - and passing them. bottom line - as quick as that car was, and with the AWD system helping it move all 3700lbs around - it felt like a giant boat compared to my boxster - the two cars are roughly 1000 lbs apart in weight....

I'll bet as a daily driver / regularly driven street car, the 911 turbo is a ton of fun, super fast, and turns heads wherever it goes.

if you just want to tear the holy stink out of a twisty road or a track, a smaller lighter car is probably more fun.

but I have to admit, I'd HAPPILY take one of those new 911 turbos - fat or not!!!
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