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I have the OEM mats (and added Momo aluminum floor plates shown in pic below), and also have a set of Lloyd's mats in black with white Boxster lettering and red piping on the outer edges of the mats.

The Llyod's mats are good quality, but there is one feature of them that I don't like: unlike the OEM mats which easily secure to the floor by way of velcro, the Llyod's mats come with plastic clips on the underside that have to be secured to the seat rails. This is also a secure set up, but that also means when you want to remove the mats for cleaning, or if you are at a car wash, the person cleaning the inside has to know that they have to unlatch the 2 clips in the each seat rail pair in order to get the mats out of the car. To me, that's a deal breaker, as I prefer to just yank my mats out whenever. I fixed this issue on my mats by just cutting off the plastic clips and then applying a patch of industrial strength velcro to the exact area where they would attach to the velcro receiver disk already installed on the floor of my car.

Oh, the nice thing about the set I have with the Momo floor plates is that it prevents wear and tear on the mats, so you greatly extend the life of your floor mats. They attach by way of small allen screws that you have to put through the mats, but the underside of each connection has a receiver that is totally flat, so it won't scratch up your floor carpet underneath at all. The one not-so-nice feature of them, however, is that the holes in the Momo plates tend to catch women's high heals, and thus, garners complaints by females in your car. LOL
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