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Originally Posted by mptoledo
I bought mine sight unseen and had many added bonuses.

You sir are the exception! I was used car shopping for the last year until I just recently purchased a '72 Porsche 914. I cannot begin to tell you how much misrepresentation I ran into. Where else can you even find more misrepresentation, deceit, and cover-ups than with USED CARS? Okay, maybe in the government, but let's not go there.

I drove 2 hours to see an early 70's 911 that looked excellent in the photos. I had cash in hand. I didn't waste my trip as I had other business in the city that day, otherwise I would have strangled the seller. He bought the car sight unseen off eBay and was trying to dump it a few months later at half the price with the same pictures and same deception that led him to buy it in the first place. Seriously, the guy was going to let me drive the car home and I doubt I would have actually made it home ALIVE in that car. I was pissed to say the least.

Even the pristine and beautiful 914 that I just bought had a lot of issues not discovered during the PPI, but I think that's to be expected with a 37 year old car. Still a lot of what I discovered and have since fixed was clearly hidden and covered up by the nice, trustworthy gentleman who gave me such a great deal on the car.

Bottom line, you might get lucky, but if spending $17,000, I'd drop $500 on a plane ticket as the BEST insurance you can buy and just go check the thing out.

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