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back from road trip

well that was fun. maryland -> west virginia -> kentucky -> indiana -> missouri -> oklahoma -> texas -> arkansas -> tennessee -> virginia and back to maryland. 2,900 miles.

the car had no real issues. the first few days after sitting overnight the car would smoke a little when i started it up but i attribute that to the change in oil weight i did a few days before the trip - mobil1 0w40 to RP 10w40. no smoking after st. louis.

most of the roads were good except for the back-roads used to visit family in oklahoma and texas, which were either gravel or pot-hole riddled.

after the roads in texas it seems my front driver-side strut mount has given out and developed a squeak. i was hoping it was the passenger-side since that was replaced a few months ago and has a warranty.

no speeding tickets, though i did get pulled over once by the cop in texas. he didn't give me a ticket thankfully.

some sunburning *ouch* but kept the top up most of the way since it gets quite noisy at 85.

i only saw 1 boxster, and 1 other porsche on the entire trip. the porsche was a 911 going from tulsa to oklahoma city on monday afternoon ( in the rain ) - silver. the boxster was a black boxster ( with the top down ) going west on 40 heading towards memphis, tn. on saturday.

overall i managed around 25 mpg with a/c use. not bad at all.

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