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Smile 2000 boxster 2.7 not much power

Hi all
I'm in Australia and have just joined the forum. A couple of days ago i bought a 2000 Porsche Boxter 2.7 manual with 72,000 klm on the clock. Prior to the purchase I had a bmw z3 2.8 manual.
The Boxster is a one elderly lady owner vehicle. From what I was told its furtherest trip in its life was a 150klm run north of the state. The majority of its life was puttering around the city suburbs.
It was rarely driven over 3000 revs and never flogged. Only once the owner saw the rear spoiler rise in that period of time.
Now to my problem - it doesn't have any get up and go. It idles nicely - no dead or flat spots - no warning lights for fault codes. On the road it will rev out smoothly to 5000 to 6000 with no miss or roughness.
If i plant my foot to the floor in either 3rd 4th or5th gear it just takes off like a small 2litre car. On hill that the z3 ran over easily I have to change back put my foot down - but nothing happens.
Its definately no-where near as powerful as the z3 2.8 and I was under the inpression this car was better and quicker.
At this stage the only thing I could think of is a sparkplug change. That i haven"t done yet. Any ideas on the correct plugs The ones in the car have had about 3 or 4 years of town running only. This Boxster has had regular services and very well cared for but I'm probably the first person in some time to try it out in the higher rev range.
As mentioned earlier both the elderly owner didnt exceed the 3000 to 3500 rpm range.
Any info would be greatly appreciated as is a great car to drive and well ahead of the z3
Regards Graham
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