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I need more information.

First - what do you know about the car? How many owners? Do you have maintenance records? Is there proof (documentation) that the oil has been changed annually -- if not -- I'd definitely walk.

Sounds like the water pump blew. When did that happen? If the car was driven with low coolant or if coolant went were it wasn't supposed to then there could be lasting damage. Unfortunately, a water pump isn't a totally unusual thing to go in a Boxster. I'd be more concerned about the quality of the repair and the actions of the owner (shut the engine and get it towed?) than the incident itself.

What is the condition of the major wear items:
- Top overall, including the plastic rear window?
- Tires (can be worn out at 11K - but definitely worthless if still original)
- Brakes? Seems a little odd to have brakes replaced so soon. Did he track the car?
- Any accident? Fender benders? Dings? Scratches?

Does it have the must-have options? Mine are:
- Glass rear window
- Litronic headlights (not sure from the picture)
- Wind deflectors (I see those)

My recommendation is to negotiate the price if your satisfied on your due-deligence. I would seek out a local reputable Porsche specialist (either dealer or independant) and I would make a pre-purchase inspection part of your conditions of purchase. You make the arrangements and pay for the inspection -- the buyer needs to agree to take the car to the inspection. Find someone who knows what they are doing with Boxsters and have them look at "all the usual things".

Good luck with it.
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