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Honestly, with the complete exhaust system being new and the BMC installed at the same time I'm having trouble determining exactly where the noises are coming from. My guess is it is a combination of exhaust note and intake noise. Regardless, it sounds and feels fantastic!


I'm excited! I was just a little cautious this morning worrying about all of the cooling system and pulley changes. The drive went well so I'm ready to better explore the exhaust changes. In fact, the predicted rain hasn't yet materialized so I just got back from another 70 mile drive. I hate to describe it in human terms, but it is like the car has been congested all of these years and now it can breathe freely! Maybe it is just my imagination (and I don't care if it is), but the car definitely feels faster and sounds wonderful!

I still haven't driven the car very hard, enough to make the exhaust and intake scream, but I will on the next outing.

I've now driven 150 miles, does anyone know how long it takes the DME to adapt, the best that it can, to the changes I made?

BTW, any idea what the old OE manifolds and secondary pipes are worth? Has anyone scrapped them for the value of the metals in the cats?
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