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I was off today, the weather was nice this morning, it is supposed to rain this evening and all day tomorrow, so it was the perfect time to finally take my car out for a spin. Since my original post I had to replace my alternator pulley which further delayed me driving the car after the work detailed above.

I had already completed the cooling system air purging procedure with the car stationary but wanted to make sure all of the air was out during this drive, so I left the bleed valve open. It was 80 F this morning and I drove ~80 miles around a beltway at 70 MPH with the cruise control on. The water temperature peaked and held steady at 185 F (from the ac diagnostics) until I ran into traffic and jumped off the beltway. I understand from folks here in the know that the water temperature gauge is neither accurate nor linear. At any rate, my gauge would normally run right between 8 and 0 before the changes. This morning FWIW it was right on top of the 8. I wish I had checked the water temperature prior to changing the thermostat but adding the thermostat was an afterthought after my water pump had failed. The other variable is the condition of my radiators which haven't been cleaned in 5 years. BTW, I forgot to list a new coolant cap ending in 03 replacing an 01 in my original post.

I didn't push the car hard as most of the 80 miles were on the beltway, but my initial impressions of the Maxspeed exhaust and BMC air filter are good. With the lack of a better description, the car sounds and feels like it should from the factory IMO. It feels and sounds free-flowing. On my next outing I will drive it more at lower speeds with higher revs to get a better idea about drone, or lack thereof, etc.

In the near future I think I will add Pedro's techno Torque2 and later reflash the ECU.
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