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I have heard of similar garages but as Lil Bastard mentioned they didn’t work out for whatever reason.

I’ve also heard of a warehouse that rents out stalls with long term leases although I don’t know what city it’s in. It’s geared more for the long term project car and auto storage though. It’s a place where you can store your tools, parts and car and work on it over time while socializing with the other “tenants”. Spaces are semi secure and there must be some kind of screening process to weed out the sketchy folks. I believe there is some communal equipment like a parts washer and maybe even a lift, but I don’t know the specifics.

Some military bases have what sounds like your describing, although access is limited to military personnel.

And if you can afford it there is the “Condo Garage” here in Toronto that looks like a ultra luxury self storage for your car with an owners lounge and wash bay but no real “work on cars” area. And the price for a 10’x24’ space start at $40,000.00 CDN.
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