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To answer your question. If there was a well equipped wrench garage in my area that was reasonably priced. Yes, I would definitely consider using it.

As an example; changing my oil. I'd pay $20-30 for the use of a full lift just so I wouldn't have to manually jack up my car and climb under it. Yes, I know some take their oil and have it done at a quick lube place for that amount or less, but at least I trust myself to do the job right and can check out other things as well while it's up in the air. At present, I do get on the ground and change the oil in my cars myself but I'd much prefer doing it standing up.

Also, I want to change out my springs to lower my car and again a lift would be make it easier (and quicker) than doing the job on jack stands I would think.

I might not use the garage often....but I would take advantage of it if given the chance and not just for my Boxster.


- ian
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