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There was a place where I live which was started by a couple enthusiasts. It consisted of a heated space w/ 2 stalls and 2 lifts, power, water, air. It was located in an empty unit of a small industrial park they owned. It cost $90/day, $45 for a half day and was available only to members of area car clubs.

It turned into a nightmare for the owners. As mentioned, there was little or no usage during the week. People scheduled a day, brought their cars in and then, once immobilized, found that they either didn't have the right tools or parts to complete the job, backing up those who were scheduled behind them. They balked at being told to vacate the space and either couldn't reassemble the car, or wanted to leave it outside til their parts/tools were ready. Guys completed their work in 3 hrs. and then tried to get refunds for the 'unused' time. The place was constantly left a mess by those using it.

Anyway, the thing lasted 3 mos. before the owners realized it was a good idea that was totally impractical to implement, and so closed it to the general enthusiasts.

They kept the space as is and left it available to a very select few (less than a dozen) enthusiasts they knew and trusted, fortunately me amongst them.

But, add tools and other facilities to the mix, and all you'll do is compound the problems. Judging from their experience, it can't be done.

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