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Panorama Street Talk column

The September issue of Panorama arrived the other day (pretty cool picture of the new Panamera on the cover) and I came across the following text that is quite disturbing if it is, in fact, true...

"... GM is cutting... and will be owned by the the U. S. Treasury (60%), Canada (12.5%).... One of the perceived problems with the majority owner is a significant lack of understanding of not only the car business but of basic engineering issues. In a recent meeting to discuss vehicle mixes and products, a senior representative was told that his suggestion on a car item would violate the laws of physics. He reportedly became very agitated and stated that this was the U. S. government and we don't follow others' laws, that we could just ignore the laws of physics."

Panorama added no comment.
How stupid do you have to be to get that guy's job?
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