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Originally Posted by TriGem2k
Look into something like the Pioneer Avic X910BT or the Pioneer Avic Z110BT. They are both great units.

Once you decide on a unit then you need one of these kits for the install... aultDomain_0?hash=item4a9570f9bb&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14

FYI, The seller is a fellow forum member. GREAT people to work with. They will do pretty much anything to keep their customers happy. (I am not affiliated with their business at all, just a happy customer!)
+1, that is the route I went on my 2004 Boxster S with MOST BUS. I got the Kenwood 7140 with bluetooth, GPS, Sirius & and a back-up camera. All are significant upgrades from the factory Porsche products in my opinion. Porsche makes great driving cars, but their technology tends to run light years behind some of their competitors.
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