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just bend the darn pin. i did mine in like 30 seconds. i made sure i was going to bend the right one...then bent it...stuck it back in..and bingo.

now since I have a plastic top, this does me little good to put the top DOWN as you still need to get out to "chop" the top...but it is EXCELLENT for putting the top as I"m rolling into work...or home...I click up my ebrake ONE click....which turns the ebrake light on..but doesn't actually engage the brake...and then push the button as I'm driving like 10-15mph and the top goes up while I roll into my parking spot.

it only saves a few seconds..but it feels cool to be rolling up to my spot and have the top closing.

if i had a glass top and could do this to put the top DOWN and UP it would be sweet. wish i had a glass top even more now!!!!!!

you plastic top did just tear...but my wife insists that $1400 for a new glass top is a waste and $375 for a new plastic window is all I get to do... maybve I can convince her the 1000 i saved can go towards litronics....
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