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Another guy in the same situation checking in. I bought my Boxster the week I graduated college at 22. Like you, I had just landed a great job with a wonderful company, and wanted to enjoy what could be my last car (or one of the last) before becoming an "adult" with responsibilities such as children and wives. I just turned 23, and I have not looked back.

The only downside is that I just bought a house, and the Boxster has thrown a couple kinks in that. One is that I am going to need an old truck in addition to the Box, as I have always been and will continue to be a home-improvement-junkie. The other is that I would have had a lot more cash going into the home buying process had I not bought this car. But the more I think about it, the more I realize that not having that extra cash kept me from going way overboard into a house that was too big and useless for my needs.

So yes -- enjoy your youth -- get the Boxster!

P.S. My dad owned quite a formidable list of Shelbies, Boss Mustangs, etc, in his youth, and after putting three kids through college, he now drives a Ford F150 and a Nissan Altima. So if that is any indication of things to come -- GET THE BOXSTER WHILE YOU STILL CAN!!

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