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Originally Posted by bustingear
Well I tried this and made it about 20 miles ...shut it down and thought i was home free. this was an improvement because I have tried a couple of other times and only made it a couple of miles. I started it up after a brief shut down and took off and the light kicked back on. Just checked it out and same code PO341. before this I changed the plugs and reversed the coils from left to right side. I am perplexed. Any other suggestions?
P0341 is for an “implausible signal” from the cam sensor; what you should be looking at is the signal itself, and the route it takes to the DME.

First, using a digital multi-meter, with the ignition on, between the ground pin and pin #3 on the rear of the cam sensor plug, you should see 5 Volts. If you do not, the sensor is not getting power.

To check for continuity (test the wiring and connections to the DME), you will have to have a Porsche pin out box #9616, which is hard to come by. You can “jury rig” connections using some wire and plug, but you would need a wiring and pin layout diagram to accomplish this. If you do this, you should see 0-5 ohms on the power supply wiring, and infinity on the sensor to DME wire.

Tracking down these wiring issues is pain without the correct tools……….
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