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Ok, is it me or does the boxster need a real wing?

I love my 2001 Arctic Silver Boxster "S". I mean it is just a beautiful car. But it's not perfect, at least in my eyes. I would love to do some inexpensive Mods. Around $2000 should be a good starting point. I just don't know where the best places to get them.

I am looking at to keep it inexpensive but at a point I don't sacrafice quality. I am currently happy with the front and rear bumper. I don't want to do anything too expensive like rims, or hard top yet.

Want / To do list:= "hopeful budget"
clear side turn signals=$29.00
Rear Fin/spoiler=$500 to $900
Side Aero kit.=$1200 or less
Paint 2 bumperettes silver= cost of paint
mesh the front air intakes= cost of mesh

I am thinking about the aero and the spoiler below. I kind of like the cayman conversion, but would have to see it in person. I still would like a spoiler on the cayman conv. I know it aint cheap!!

So has anybody done any of these and what is a good place to start looking. I noticed some of the parts come unpainted, but I would rather try to find prepainted ones as I am sure the cost is less.
I know I am opening up a can of worms, but all opinions are welcomed!!

Oh, throw some photo's up if you found something really cool!!
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